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RA30: The Key Material in Sustainable Eyewear

Anywhere you go these days, you can find waste that should be recycled. Perhaps you are even a person who has one of those blue bins at home. Maybe you ensure that you throw any plastic bottle, glass container, or metal can in the nearest recycling receptacle no matter where you are. Here at Best Vision, we feel the same urgency you do when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint and creating a cleaner and more sustainable environment. That is why we have made it our mission to develop sustainable eyewear that is both durable and beautiful.

We work with plastic recyclers to reuse a variety of plastics to develop sustainable eyeglass frames. While traditional plastics recycling can produce a raw product that is subpar, Best Vision has partnered with engineers who are pioneering new methods of plastic recycling via extrusion methods. Extrusion creates pellets of a material known as RA30 that is non-toxic and has properties that permit the creation of durable, sustainable eyeglasses that bring focus to your vision while focusing on sustainability.

When creating sustainable eyewear, whether it is reading glasses, optical glasses, or sunglasses, we know that you expect frames that are fashionable, durable, comfortable, and provide the utmost clarity so that you can enjoy crystal clear vision regardless of what activity you are doing. Therefore, we have found ways to safely modify the PMMA that makes up a majority of the composition of our RA30 raw materials to develop sustainable eyeglass frames that meet and exceed your expectations.

RA30 materials are certified by the Global Recycling Standard and developed by Kebang Petrochemical. Sourced from 79% recycled plastic products, many global brands are already using RA30 such as H&M and Under Armor. Adding our eyeglasses to your collection means offering your eco-conscious customers the opportunity to purchase eyeglasses that align with their values, as well as creating a great marketing angle and talking point for your brand.

When your customers choose a pair of our sustainable eyeglasses, they will enjoy frames that have the strength and toughness to stand up to daily use. They will also find they are scratch resistant, provide exceptional clarity, resist UV rays, and are BPA-free. The frames do have a tendency to be easily deformed, but this should not be a huge concern considering the benefits.

“In addition, our sustainable eyeglass frames are not limited to one or two designs. We can provide fashionable designs for every family member through injection molding, painting, varied printing processes, heat transfer of designs, and more. ”

Here at Best Vision, we put our focus on creating sustainable eyewear that allows you to bring clarity and focus to everyday life. Not only will your customers feel great about the way that they look, but feel even better knowing that both you and them are playing a part in protecting our environment. We invite you to explore our beautiful sustainable eyeglasses today!

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