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Sustainable Eyewear on The Runway: The Rise of GREEN Fashion

Green fashion is the newest trend. Discover why sustainable and eco-friendly eyewear is growing and how it's changing the industry forever.

Every year, we witness new and old fashion trends emerge and vanish. However, one that has grown steadily over the previous 20-30 years is sustainable appeal.

In the industry, the term "sustainability" has changed over time. Initially, it was primarily about industrial processes and general environmental responsibility. But now, it's much more comprehensive.

Including these crucial areas of the fashion industry, brands have started offering sustainably-made goods, such as eco-eyewear made from plastic recovered from our oceans.

Because all customers are growing more environmentally conscious, items that adhere to ethical practices and use sustainable materials have become extremely popular and lucrative in the sector.

The shift to sustainability in fashion

A shift to sustainable goods in the fashion industry is important.

We can all see our influence on the world. It doesn't matter whether it's not recycling enough, using non-Eco-friendly materials, or not taking carbon offset seriously; the effects are evident.

Consumers are aware of this, and it's communicated to them regularly through numerous media outlets and channels. And, as a brand, it's important to follow how consumers feel and start supplying the demand.

That is precisely why sustainable fashion has grown in popularity. Numbers don't lie either:

Source: Research and Markets

As you can see, the worldwide ethical fashion industry is predicted to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9% between 2021 and 2025. This is a huge increase compared to the apparel industry, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of only 3.96% over the next two years.

Its incentives for fashion brands to become more sustainable continue beyond there, too. When you start using eco-friendly materials and more responsible practices, you'll experience the following:

This trend toward sustainable fashion is an excellent step for the fashion industry, with the potential to transform the way the sector runs for the better, both socially and ecologically.

Why do consumers care about GREEN fashion?

As you can see, the GREEN fashion sector is getting increasingly popular. But why?

The reasons why people are becoming more interested in this style of fashion differ. However, we believe it's the following:

  • Ethical concerns – Because of their beneficial influence on workers and the environment, many individuals may be drawn to sustainable fashion solutions.

  • Environmental consequences - Aside from ethical issues, the environmental impact of fashion production, such as water consumption and carbon offsetting, may influence customer decisions.

  • Value alignment - As a result of the above, people are becoming more environmentally aware when purchasing fashion goods. Therefore, as their values change, it's your job as a brand to be aligned with them.

These are three of the most influential reasons why Eco-friendly appeal is becoming a more popular option in the world of fashion. Without question, these drivers will continue to grow in popularity as more consumers become economically aware of our planet.

Fashion Eyewear Trend: Go Green!

When you want to move to more sustainable fashion, there are many avenues. You could go down the shirt route, dresses, belts, and much more. However, one that we strongly recommend is eyewear.

The industry of eyewear is enormous and growing yearly. Even better, 85% of all sales in the sector are attributable to non-luxury goods. Therefore, it has a low entry barrier and a great global market of $141.50 billion.

Including this, you can dive into several markets. Eyewear includes sunglasses, sports glasses, everyday frames, and much more.

Why eco-eyewear is the perfect product for consumers

Eco-eyewear is a forward-thinking, responsible product ideal for today's ecologically- conscious clients. The product addresses the expectations of consumers looking for sustainable, trendy, and durable eyewear by focusing on the following:

  • High-quality - Eco-eyewear is frequently composed of long-lasting materials such as recycled plastics, bioplastics, or other plant-based alternatives. The sustainable materials used are sturdy and durable, guaranteeing that the end product is long-lasting and can handle regular wear and tear.

  • Design and style - Eco-eyewear can be produced from sustainable materials that are reused or created with environmental consideration without sacrificing style and design. You can make eyewear with the same look, feel, and functionality as non-sustainable alternatives.

  • Environmentally responsible - It's highly environmentally responsible. Sustainable materials can reduce our carbon footprint, eliminate rubbish from our seas, and push us to plant more trees.

When all of these factors are considered together, it's clear that eco-eyewear is the ideal product for 2023's environmentally-conscious consumers. It offers a unique combination of style, function, and environmental responsibility that is unmatched by traditional fashion products.

How to start your eco-eyewear journey today

Eco-eyewear is the next top trend in the fashion industry and something all brands should be excited about.

Luckily, starting your journey into the sector is simple. At BEST VISION, we're an excellent partner for co-developing eco-friendly eyewear. Since our establishment in 1985, we've helped many brands develop eyewear that aligns with their values while maintaining optimal environmental responsibility.

We work closely with some excellent eco-friendly materials. These consist of options such as bio-based material, recycled post-consumer plastic, and biodegradable goods, all certified by specific standards for their necessary intentions.

If you want to begin your successful journey into the eco-eyewear industry like the many brands we work with, send us an email, and let's start making a real difference in this world.

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